Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition

Employee Assistance Programs are designed to help your company's bottom line by preserving your greatest asset ... your employee. We are a refined specialty service that when implemented, enhances your existing organizational programs. Ascension EAP makes your managers better managers, your employees more engaged and your organization excel.


We keep our costs affordable, our services excellent and our approach cutting-edge. Our goal is to give you the best return on your investment.

Business Minded

Your company is our number one client. We know that employee problems affect your bottom line, and we work to keep your staff, leaders and culture at optimal performance for the success of your business.


Ascension EAP counselors are Master's level practicioners who specialize in employee assistance service. Within the short-term EAP model, the counselors are attentive to the needs of both the employee and the company.

Putting it All Together...

Ascension EAP is the vehicle that creates synergy across existing company resources. Our collaborative case management model utilizes the strength of existing company resources to create great company outcomes.